100 Happy Days Challenge

They asked Can you be happy for 100 days in a row ?

100 Happy days Challenge Kritie Sood

The 27 Year old Dmitry Golubnichy, who lives in Switzerland commenced his own challenge from November 2013 in an attempt to stop for a moment and remember what makes him happy. It is very important to stop for a while and embrace the little things that are important to us and that brings happiness to us, which we tend to take for granted.

So Time to show some Gratitude. Here I take the challenge of 100 Happy Days. I am going to post my 100 happy moments from everyday, I invite everyone to do the same with me. Let’s do it !

#Day1: Happy Because I am a happy Person.

100 happy days cute smile girl kritie Sood beautiful hair

#Day2:  I love Smile !

Smile cute bag kritie sood 100 happy days day2


#Day3 Going to Work Happiness !

work necklace cute kritie sood blogs 100 happy days day3

#Day 4 Vino Happiness

Wine cheers kritie sood vino drink happiness 100 days of happiness


#Day 5 Burberry Shanghai Fashion Show 2014 Happiness.

Burrberry Fashion show shanghai 2014 Kritie sood 100 days of happiness day5 happy blogger


# Day 6 New Glasses Happiness

Kritieeoh kritie sood 100 days of happiness missoni sunglasses brand

# Day 7 My red dress happiness

kritieeoh kritie sood red dress summertime sadness


# Day 8 Selfie Happiness

kritieeoh kritie sood 100 happy days single girls crazy faces selfie instagram

# Day 9 Getting Tanned

tanning sun kritie sood kritieeoh car selfie beautiful girl red missoni sunglasses


# Day 10 Super workout Happiness.

tired workout gym ipod apple


# Day11 Cooking Pad Thai Happiness

pad thai food thailand recipe kritie sood kritieeoh cooking

# Day 12 New Car Happiness

kritie sood new car kritieeoh 100 days of happiness A6 Audi

# Day13 Road trip, long drive happiness

red dress kritie sood hair do kritieeoh red lips long hair road trip

# Day14 Bloggers meet

korean Indian kritie sood kritieeoh bloggers guest blogs beautiful

#DAY 15 Because Childhood friends are precious

Indian friends, kritie sood, reunion,


#Day 16 India Gate is a whole different feeling of being an Indian.

kritieeoh kritie sood india gate at night indians delhi nightlife beautiful

#Day 17  What is better than a Shopping weekday ?

kritieeoh kritie sood shopping red dress pearl necklace red lipstick mac ruby woo cat hairdo hairstyle pretty Indian girl

# Day 18 My love for red is a never ending thing.

kritieeoh kritie sood red dress Chanel necklace pearls indian girl beautiful hair pretty car selfie


# Day 19 It’s a different kind of Selfie

selfie iphone SLR Nikon kritieeoh kritie sood cousins Indians smiles fun


# Day 20 A carrot cake is happiness

carrot cake bakery kritieeoh kritie sood 100 days of happiness

# Day 21 That gorgeous Georgia Jagger and I

georgia jagger kritieeoh kritie sood Chanel little black jacket

# Day 22 Remembering the good old days with Sami

kritieeoh kritie sood samira taiwanese and Indian brazilian and Indian pretty girls fringes pout

# Day 23 That dinner is happiness

amour hauz khas dinner kritieeoh kritie sood


#Day 24 Sukhdev da Dhabba at Murthal

murthal sukhdev da dhaba friends buddies torn jeans zara denims long hair missoni glasses



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