‘Gunday’ – A hot mess! (REVIEW)


I went to watch ‘GUNDAY’ on a Valentine’s night. Being single lets you spend quality time with your family, What? Don’t give me those looks, I did want to spend time with my family; mmmm, But I guess we could do something more amusing.. Because the cells in my body were crying out of boredom. What were they thinking?? I mean reallllyy? From the nicely cut short trailers I was expecting quite a lot from the movie. I loved all the three actors from the movie but C’mon guys, Who wants to see senseless action and boring romantic songs which totally make no sense? Especially on a Valentine’s Day. Duh! However, I enjoyed the most famous song, Tune maari entriyaan.

Okay so the movie is shifting throwback to the great 1970s-80s, about two teenage friends who illegally immigrate to Calcutta, running away from a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Exhibiting deep bond of their dark teenage-hood. Bikram (Ranveer Singh), Bala (Arjun Kapoor) deal with their enemies, with some action and totally useless dialogues. You can see a good chemistry of Ranveer and Arjun Kapoor together, nicely playing the roles of chuddy buddies. But let aside Jai-veeru, Bikram and Bala couldn’t even match up to the magical chemistry of Bikram and Betaal (pun intended).

Then comes Nandita the cabaret dancer (Priyanka Chopra). As we clearly saw in the trailers, they both fall in love with her and to their demise they split up because of the hotty. There is this action scene where Both Bikram and Bala go shirtless (OMG, both of them look hot with all that tanning lotion and fake sweat on their bodies), I pretty much enjoyed that fight, while their body flesh was moving in slow motion on each punch.

So after all this fighting and plotting against each other they somehow find out or realise that they had been set up by the cops. So again they get back together and save themselves from the cops for 20 minutes of the movie. All this time, you will see some really random scenes, they would get shot for like 3 times and still wouldn’t die; they would run around the huge bombs; cops, cars and bikes would blast but they won’t. At the end the lamest scene ever would come in their conversation with Irrfan Khan. Oh! Did I forget to mention about Irrfan Khan? He is a cop. We all know his acting is superb, but even his charming self couldn’t do anything great in the movie.

‘Gunday’ is very safe and predictable film. I wish they kept a little more budget for the script, because it was totally senseless and full of silly loopholes. I honestly was annoyed.


3 thoughts on “‘Gunday’ – A hot mess! (REVIEW)

    • I recently watched “hasee to phasee”.. Thank go it’s a better time pass :p & parineeti n siddhart did justice to their roles. . But songs were not so good, except one slow track..


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