How to look Picture perfect ?

I have been told like forever, that I am really photogenic. No matter how ugly or deformed I am looking for real; my pictures will always be perfect. I am the Barney Stinson in the lives of my friends and family ahaha…

So here I am revealing my secrets of being that way. Now is the time you can stop running from the camera and stop hating the friend first to click pictures; instead try the following tips and tricks, so you can start creating some beautiful memories with your family and friends, without being camera conscious.

  • Confidence: First thing is to be confident, know it yourself that the pictures will be good. Look right in the camera and think you are at your best presentation, and the pictures can’t be bad.confident
  • Use a Sunny day: Pictures taken on a Sunny day are bright and glowing; which makes all the small imperfections of your skin go away.


  • Work your angle: Right in front of the mirror, try different poses and find out your ‘perfect pose’. Things you have to focus on is how to angle your body relatively with the camera, so that you look strong. You could think of Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra), while you do it.


  • Smile naturally: Be aware of your smile, how big or little you’re smiling. Sometimes smiling too little makes it look fake, and smiling too much, tends to squeeze your eyes above your cheeks. So just do your natural smile. One tip: When the photo is being taken, think of someone you love or think of something Comic.

photo (9)

  • Angle your phone: While selfies tilt your phone and see which angle works best

bangs haircut

  • Haircut & Hairdo: Get a haircut that suits your face. Makes you look beautiful and charming. Avoid extreme hairstyles with huge poufs.


  • Profile: Figure out what works best for you left side pose, right side pose, or front.

three side poses

  • Pictures in the car: Click pictures in the car, when the sun is doing awesome work on your skin.


  • Bright Colors: Wear vibrant and bright colors or simply the colors which work best for you.


  • Make up smartly: Do a smart makeup, a makeup that is there but can’t be seen. So you could use some help of make up to look good, without letting the others know.


  • Best Camera: Click pictures with the best camera available in the group and share later.


  • Accessorize: Wear earnings and a necklace. Accessories always add a degree of style to your outfit that will enhance your appearance.


  • Large Prints are a NO NO: Don’t wear large bold prints or patterns.

large prints

  • Naughty tip: When you’re at a place where cameras are common, totally ignore your friends’ story about how he pataofied (flattered) that girl from his college or how she came across a really  hot guy who asked for her number and just put yourself in the prime position where the picture is being clicked *GRIN*
  • Review: Just check your pictures after following my tips, they should be perfect. If not, few hours of, Picasa, PhotoScape, Photoshop and then 20 Filters can fix anything and everything.

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