7 Tips on how to be confident


Did you ever come across someone, for whom having met for five minutes, you were like ‘Wow ! She is so confident.’ Blehh ! No she is not, she has those similar fears, insecurities and anxieties as every one of us have. But she knows she is amazing anyway. We all know what confident people look like and the amazing advantages they keep getting all the time, we all want to be like them, But how do we get it, though ?

But, first let’s see what Confidence is anyway? Let us consider a very simplified explanation by our homework companion Wikipedia. “Confidence is described as a state of being certain.” In my words, “Confidence is to know what you’re good at.”  You are good at Sports, do it; you’re good at dancing, do that; if you’re good at anything in the world, just do it and be like a boss. If you have nothing to do, still be like a boss. *GRIN*

7 Tips to boast your confidence.

1)   Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?”  You could get killed is the worst thing that could happen in any situation right? Probability of which is 0.000005. We all are super powers, full of super energies, let us all create some healthy friendships  and relationships around here; advance our careers; set gorgeous goals and be gorgeous in the process of fulfilling them, INSTEAD of wasting that super energy in worrying.

2)   Be around confident people, make friends with people who know what they’re good at and know what they’re doing, take inspiration from your favorite celebrities. Try to learn from them.

3)   Be happy :). Duh ! What is she saying, what does happiness have to do with confidence? But let me tell you, you cannot be confident without being happy.

4)   Stand tall, I have a horrible posture, when I sit, so it will sound hypocritical for me to give such an advice, but good posture gives you 20 kilos of confidence boast, believe you me. Be tall, shoulders back, head high, like you’re a soldier, -_- I mean not that high!

5)   Dress up every day, dress up to impress yourself. When you leave the house, if you don’t end up saying, “Hey Gorgeous!”, then you should go and change right away. Wear comfy clothes, if you can’t carry your short dress, or your belly fat is popping out of your extra-tight Denim, you should change, because you can’t be confident if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes.

6)   Please stop! If you’re the one to say, OMG! My dark circles, OMG! My skin, OMG! I am fat, OMG! My hair suck! Everyone is beautiful, so are you, so be like it.

7)   Walk into the room like you just won a gold medal, be the diva, be the model, be whatever you want to be and walk like you have no care in the world, trust me you will make heads turn with your super confidence.


you are awesome


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