DIY : Make a Plum shade lipstick with Crayons.

Lipsticks! Admit it girls we all love them, How can we not love that little thing that makes our lips so sexy and voluptuous. This color, that color, this shade, that shade, we collect them all. But isn’t it that somehow it still feels like something is missing? Even after owning plenty of shades we still keep buying more. Sometimes they suit us, sometimes they don’t. Here I got to know about a DIY (Do it yourself) project from Nainy (my friend), there are so many girls making lipsticks with crayons. So I thought of trying it out myself.

You probably should never eat Crayons, but you can surely follow the steps mentioned below and Make your own lip colors.  It is completely safe to use this formula on your lips (non-toxic). Take note that, the brighter the color, the more pretty your lipstick is going to be. You can use single color or mix colors. I am going to show you how I made a plum color lipstick from Crayons.



1)    Wax Crayons (Good brand and non-toxic).

2)    Coconut oil.

3)    Vaseline.

4)    Small case.


1) Boil some water in a pan


2) Put a Jar/Glass in it.

lipstick from crayon

3) Pour half a spoon Coconut oil and half a spoon Vaseline.


4) Take the peel off the crayons and cut them into small pieces and put them in the Jar/glass.

(For Plum Color: Take half a turquoise blue and half a red + add one fourth of brown as well)



5) After everything melts down, mix it well and pour it in your cases.

home made lipstick

6) Put it in the fridge for 10 minutes.


7) Your home made lipstick is ready to apply 🙂

lipstick brush


Hope you enjoyed ! Please comment for any questions or queries 🙂


8 thoughts on “DIY : Make a Plum shade lipstick with Crayons.

  1. wooo…. dis is really amazing…. nd very easy 2 prepare @ home….. bt I hv one question,,, after boiling d water should we turn off d flame…???


  2. Hi i mixed petroleum gel and olive oil.. is it an okay combination? ‘cos i have been pre- heating my crayons for 3x now. can’t find a good result


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