Pre- & Post- Holi Hair & Skin Care Tips.

Holi is just round the corner friends! Our very own Festival of colors, which sometimes become festival of Eggs or Grease (generally used for lubricating). And No! I am not kidding. I myself have been egged and greased. While Holi is one of India’s most Jaunty and colourful Festival, there can be some unwelcomed surprises. Not only eggs and greases, but also the color used at this time, bring many skin and hair related problems due to fanatical use of Mica and Metals in these colors. While it is good to enjoy the festivities, it is also very important to protect your skin from possible damage. Here are some pre- and post- Holi tips for you by Kritie Sood Powered by Dr. Namrata Ghai, Dermatologist at Sun Shine Skin Clinic.

8 Pre&Post Holi Skin&Hair care tips:

1)   First thing first, apply a good sunscreen with higher SPF, 20-30 minutes before you step out. After all its not only the colors, after your pretty skin, gotta deal with the sun too.

cetaphil_sunscreen kritie sood

2)   Apply your favourite moisturising lotion or a cocktail of olive oil, almond and castor oil, all over your body including your gorgeous hair and nails. It is important to protect your hair and nails, with your body, because you don’t want irritating after effects of colors all over.

apply body oil kritie sood

3)   Apply a lip balm, but Ladies! Do not put any other face makeup because it is completely okay to be Mascara-less or lip color-less on Holi.

lip balm kritie sood

4)   Oil up your hair like never before. Don’t forget to tie them up in a bun, for complete safety. But if you want to avoid the hair oil, you could put on a leave on conditioner or a hair serum.

coconut-oil-in-hair-kritie sood

5)   Okay, so be happy because nail paint was not included when I said no make-up. Put on dark nail paint, so the colors don’t harm your nails.

Nail paint kritie sood

6)   After you are done sloshing your little brother down and colouring every possible person around and you have had the best time on the Holi day. Come back and wash your face with a Cetaphil Cleansing lotion.

cetaphil_cleansing kritie sood

7)   Apply a pack made of Gram flour (Besan), Turmeric (Haldi), Milk and crushed almonds. Leave it on for ten minutes, wash and moisturise your skin.

face pack kritie sood

8)   Rush water over your hair, until all the color is out, wash them with a mild shampoo and later oil them up for hydration.

washing hair kritie sood

Following the tips above would help you enjoy Holi, avoiding any damage. So get high on Bhaang, enjoy to the fullest. Happy Holi to Everyone.


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