Sh*t that people say to Single girls

So I have been single for quite a while now, because I haven’t found someone worth settling down for yet. Not that I didn’t try. Some guys are into me, but I am not; sometimes I am into a guy and he has the wonderful relationship of his life already; Some guys are all gorgeous and everything, but really really dumb; Some guys think too highly of themselves that they don’t have space in their mind to think about me too; Some guys are gorgeous, smart but so broke that I have to feed them all the time (literally) I ain’t your God Mother boy! ; And when everything seems to be just perfect with a guy, I find out about his secret girlfriend across the world babying all over his Facebook Timeline; Some guys are only interested in *If you know what I mean*; Some guys “don’t do relationships” but still want all the privileges of it anyway; Some guys can’t get over their ex already; Some guys are too possessive that they are like yo Gal! Where you at, What up, whatcha doin, how, when, why, who? Oh Really? Gimme your Facebook password or I tell yo Mamma! ; And oh boy! How many times did I get stood over? ; Some guys are like mmm.! Richie Rich, I have to go get her and tell ma mates, what their brother just nailed 😉 Please don’t tell me only girls are gold diggers, I’ve known plenty such men.

Girls like me, who don’t just want to settle for “Whatever” guys because they are not weak and vulnerable to be alone, must understand what it is to find your Mr. Right. So someone tell me, how in the world is a girl going to find her Mr. Right when she keeps meeting Mr. Jerks all the time? Isn’t that enough of a headache already? Then people go like oh! How can you be single? All over you. I put together the things people say to a single girl. My intentions of it is only fun. So hope you enjoy reading.


 angry face little girl kritie sood kritieeoh



1)   The most common being, “How can a beautiful girl like you be single?”

2)   “What kind of a jerk wouldn’t want to spend his life with a girl like you?” Well Your kind of jerk.

3)   Can’t believe YOU ever got stood over!” Yeah I couldn’t believe either.

4)   “Girl you’re single? No way you must be seeing someone at least?” Yes I am. Your face, while you say that dumb thing to me.

5)   “Don’t you feel like having someone by your side, holding hands, take long walks?” Duh?

6)   “He was a jerk. C’mon you will find someone better” I don’t think  I am ever going to find a guy with that gorgeous body ever again. Sob* Sob*

7)   “Have you tried online dating?”  Yes, only to find stupid, dumb, crazy or looking for *If you know what I mean* People.

8)   “Those guys didn’t deserve a girl like you” Well then who does? Please show up already.

9)   “May be he is not ready for a serious relationship yet.” Okay Face palm into 20 Times.

10)  “Don’t’ worry you will definitely find someone ONE DAY” Well that one day is not today for sure.                

11)  “When I was single I wanted a relationship and when I am in a relationship I want to be single again.” Yeah say that to your partner. You will be single in no time.

12)  “Why do you girls keep waiting for your Prince Charming, Get real and take what is available to you.”  So let me just go marry the guy with the secret girlfriend, how fun would that be?

13)  “May be he lost your number?” Yes and I lost the memory of him.

14)  “Why don’t you date my friend?” The one who is kissing a girl at the bar right now?

15)  “I can’t wait for you to get a boyfriend, so we can go on a couple date.” You know I can’t wait myself.


7 thoughts on “Sh*t that people say to Single girls

  1. Good effort … just a passing thought…. you can be very good in prose too.. the first paragraphs were good and engaging.. and if you can write one liners .. you may prove to be very very good in prose… it may become quite engaging..


  2. Hi,

    Too bad, all guys are jerks. That’s why I am still single because of those jerks.

    Girls think all the time that I am a jerk


  3. Well compiled set of thoughts. I find your writing style similar to mine. And, undoubtedly I love it. Pleased to know that there are some pretty single ladies out there. Because wherever I go, I see queen bees being sought after by Ramesh, Suresh, Dinesh, Mahesh, Siddhesh, Alkesh, Rajesh, Prathamesh, inifinitesh.

    I didn’t know the school had dedicated bloggers. Good to see one. Keep up the good work.


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