So I was just randomly wondering about things I appreciate in one’s personality. What makes me wanna be around them ? I tried to point down some things that I like about a guy, or what makes a guy attractive in my eyes. No I am not exposing those points here, because it is not a help book for guys to be able to date pretty girls 😉 , I rather want to help my fellow girls on how to be a total charmer. So coming back to my list, I noticed that hardly 30% of the points were related to physical aspects of my charmer guy. Rest were the personality traits, because what is the point of those beautilicious abs and those Brad pittly hair when the personality can’t even match up ? And yes I made up the word ‘Beautilicious’ thinking about beautiful and delicious. So when guys can do it to us (like making us think of magical lullabies and fairies when we land our gaze at them) , why not we do it to them too ? So here is your guide on How to become irresistible. Trust me ladies all of you can do it, just all of you.



  1. BODY LANGUAGE:  Men are very visual creatures. When a guy walks in to a room full of women he has never met before, first thing he is likely to rate all of them on 10. So, women to get a 10 on 10 you gotta straighten up a bit. Smile, make eye contacts with him, slide your hair off your neck, raise your shoulder and arch your back. After all 85% of all communication comes through the body.
  2. CHEERFULNESS: Just be full of energy and be cheerful. Men can sense a happy women or a women who’s mad about stuff easily. Being cold, skeptical and cynical is just like spraying a men repellant perfume all over your body.
  3. SENSE OF HUMOR: I think I nailed this one, I am pretty good at cracking up random jokes and making people laugh. And as many girlfriends I have, they all are good at laughing out loud. We all love to laugh, don’t we ? But the situation arises when I have a crush on some guy and I become like a helpless kitten. Its important to losen up with the guy you like. They might not like hanging out with a helpless kitten, but they would surely love to be around a humorous goddess. A woman with a good sense of humor is always an amazing find for a man.
  4. POSITIVE EMOTIONS: When Women let their wild cats out in front of a man, they just happen to drive him away, or I’ll say scare him off. It is very important to be at your calm with the guys. Because they don’t PMS so they don’t know how it feels when you just lose it sometimes. Ofcourse it is hard to control when you’re bursting on the inside, so may be just don’t call him and go grab an Ice cream instead.
  5. SELF CARE: As clumsy as guys could be they still expect the girls to be taking care of themselves. I read somewhere, “There is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy one.” So don’t be lazy, go take that hair spa you always wanted to take. Pamper yourself every once in a while. Men might pretend to be indifferent, but they like it.
  6. BE PATIENT: He is not calling you back, Be patient ! He didn’t text you in time Be Patient ! He is busy, stop googling about what does it mean when a guy says he is busy. He could just really be busy. So keep calm and find stuff to get yourself busy too. Or Sometimes men just don’t like to talk about certain things, so try to let it go and if you can’t let it go. Keep calm and talk to him about it nicely.
  7. INTELLECT: Quality men really appreciate intellect. Surely, Jerks might go after a hot body, perfect lips and hips. But real men like the BRAINS equally. For the record, A woman who is sharp, responsive, alive and witty can have any kind of man in a platter. Uumm.! May be not any kind of man because we can surely miss out the jerks here.
  8. WANTING: You should be ‘Wanting’ rather than ‘Needing’. The needy girls mostly get used by the jerks and end up in a terrible emotional state. You should rather want him. I mostly have an attitude like, “It would be great if you’re around, well if not then never mind.” That makes men more attracted towards you. Any relationship that starts with one person’s needs, would never end well.
  9. SEXUALITY: Women who are sexually alive become a win win for both in a relationship. I think I really don’t need to say more about, why it is important to be sexually active, to come out as a charmer for a guy.
  10. LOVE AND CARE: As much as guys enjoy having their own space and feeling independent, They secretly enjoy being nurtured and taken care of. It is in their instincts. They can’t help but enjoy the womanly love and care.
  11. INTEGRITY: A woman who has values and sticks up for herself is very very charming. It is something very hard to keep up with because we tend to take it for granted and happen to lose it in return of some glittery stuff. Women who give themselves out 100% are nothing close to irreristible. Not just to charm a man but also to live a good and happy life you need to keep up with your integrity. Make sure no one hampers it in return or some glittery stuff.


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