Problems only people with long hair Understand.

So I have been wanting to write about this since long, It has been almost two years now that I haven’t cut my hair and must say they have grown pretty well and long. I really love my hair, they are wavy and have a great volume. You know Sometimes taking care of them is so annoying that I want to cut them all, but then I know very well how much am I going to regret it. Once, a month back, I went to get my mother a haircut. We went to this really good salon. It had a charming ambience. All the ladies came there to pamper themselves; hair cuts, hair colors, pedicures and manicures were all over the place. I almost convinced myself that I am getting a hair cut done, since it had been way too long I didn’t get myself a nice haircut. By chance I landed my gaze on the mirror, I looked at my hair and said to myself, “Wooah! What was I thinking ?”. I mean I do get a lot of compliments on my hair. Long hair can definitely fetch you many compliments but only those who have it know what comes along with it. I am sure many girls and some dudes too can relate with me here.


1) I want to share the most hilarious one first, Once I caught a guy sitting next to me, taking Selfies with a moustache made by my hair. I was like whaaatt dude ? That’s my hair, so my moustache.

kritieeoh kritie sood moustache hair long hair problems

2) When I wear a jacket or something with a collar, I end up having, an impossible to sort out knot at the nape of my neck.

kritieeoh kritie sood beautiful model jacket hair white shirt shorts outdoor

3) Those invisible ‘mosquitoes’ which are always sitting around on my arm, that always and always turn out to be the ends of my hair just being tickly.

4) When I unbuckle my seatbelt in the car, and my hair gets sucked up in the belt rewinder.

5) While I am working out; If I tie them loose, they are too loose and if I tie them tight, I most probably end up with a headache.

kritieeoh kritie sood high pony tight blonde smoky eyes

6) When I become the proud owner of two thousand eight fifty, yes that’s right 2850 knots in my hair. Causes being standing right in front of a fan, travelling in a vehicle with the windows down, a windstorm or when I am hanging out in my terrace with some wind blowing in and around my locks.

kritieeoh kritie sood tangled hair long hair problems beautiful girl tangled hair

7) Once I was putting and lighting candles for my friend’s birthday cake, within few seconds I found out my hair were on fire.

8) I carry quite a heavy bag to work. And I want to hang my bag by my forearm, it mostly is already occupied by my long hair. And then I end up throwing my heavy bag over my forearm that already is carrying my hair. So I get a very stupid and painful pull in my hair, which is pretty much the most annoying thing in this world.

carry bag on arm kritie sood kriteeoh

9) When I strain a muscle or two in my shoulder, while trying to pull my hair out from under a coat, after I put it on.

10) When after every hair wash I have to spend a whole one hour to detangle the mess in my hair.

detangle hair kritie sood kritieeoh wet hair

11) Reaching food across the table means feeding your hair the food which was near you.

kritie sood kritieeoh

12) The other day while sitting in my office, I got scared because I thought someone was pulling my hair, only to find out later that my hair were stuck under my arm.

13) Just a thought of blow drying, curling or straitening up my hair exhaust me so bad, that I go everywhere just in a regular everyday hairstyle.

kritieeoh kritie sood long hair blow dry problems

But I know that all this trouble is so worth it. Because my hair make me look down right GORGEOUS.


One thought on “Problems only people with long hair Understand.

  1. I was literally laughing halfway through your post and wondering why won’t you get a haircut and I was answered in end – “But I know that all this trouble is so worth it. Because my hair make me look down right GORGEOUS.” XD


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