Reply to a parent who wrote a letter to Honey Singh


I read this article about how a parent is sarcastically blaming Honey Singh for his kids learning about the words and culture they are not supposed to. The link to the article is right here for your reference.

So this is what I have to say to this parent:
I am not a big Yo Yo Honey Singh Fan, But I’d say please leave him alone. You can’t just blame him for your kids learning the words they are not supposed to. May be you should do your duties of being a parent properly and talk and explain to your kids that learning and usage of these words will not help them grow in a proper manner. Everyone has a right to express themselves in our democratic country and if he chooses to express himself with chaar bottle vodka then be it.I mean he wouldn’t be there where he is now, if the people of our country weren’t dancing to his tunes and repeating his lyrics all the time. If you got a problem with it, then stop listening to it and stop your children from listening to it. Stop making his songs go viral all over the country. The days of ‘Jumma Chumma’ and ‘Chaabi kho jaye’ are long gone, the kids are very smart now and instead of repeating the mistakes of your parents like walloping a kid for listening to an erotic song, might as well explain them why they are not supposed to listen to these songs. There are many other things out there in this era of the internet and technology from which kids could learn things they are not supposed to. I mean I see iPhones in the hands of a 5 year olds these days for god sake. So stop targeting this one man, just because he has reached the heights of popularity no one could have imagined.


2 thoughts on “Reply to a parent who wrote a letter to Honey Singh

    • I don’t need to justify him, I am just saying he has a right to express himself, You and I like it or not. Its not only Honey Singh, There are many such artists in this whole world who express themselves through drugs, robberies, rapes, theft, sex etc. Writing articles about them won’t help. May be talking to your kids openly would. Because now are not the days of walloping the kids and asking them to shutup. If you will not educate them about sex, drugs, partying all night etc etc. they will learn it from other and wrong means anyway.


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