Why My parents make the coolest Indian Parents ever.

Parents are the most significant part of our lives. They are always there in every moment of us growing up. And life gets so much easier when our parents are supportive of the fact that every one of us is a different individual and we all have different desires, needs, aspirations capabilities and dreams. I just turned 23 two days back. I am completely loving my life with no regrets and the kind of individual I have become over the years. So I want to give some credit to my lovely parents who have helped me to become what I am.


Why My parents make the coolest Indian Parents ever.

  1. They never pushed me to study hard and get 99% in school, They were completely okay if I got 60% or just passed. They knew Grades don’t matter. scold-them
  2. They scolded and pampered me at the right times. They gave me reality checks every time I was being a brat and they pampered me in the moments I needed love and care.
  3. My parents never compared me to other kids in the neighbourhood, with the kids of random relatives or my brother and cousins, They knew that every child is special and have their own different talents.parents comparing children
  4. They always treated me as an important person in the family and always asked for my opinions for decision making in the family.6a00d83451dd7769e2017744c7fe98970d-400wi
  5. They have always remained friendly and direct with me, They knew that wielding the weapon of fear in children has been the worst parenting ever.discipline
  6. They trusted me in every situation. They knew that would make me never break their trust, which is true as hell.
  7. When I made any mistake, they didn’t beat me or yell at me, instead supported me. They knew that mistakes are a part of growing up. After all they made the similar mistakes while growing up themselves.ipad-apps-for-kids-parents-friendly
  8. I can never lie or hide anything from my parents because they always support me in everything I do, no matter how horrible it is, They always get me through it.
  9. When I became an adult, I was handed a glass of wine by my father to celebrate, instead of pretending like they have never heard about ‘alcohol’ and neither will I do ever.drinking-in-high-school-will-not-help-avoid-alcoholism-later-in-life
  10. They respect me and let me handle my own friendships and relationships. They only care about my happiness, whomsoever  I get it with, it doesn’t bother them.052810_BoyfriendMeetsParents1
  11. They let me be myself, they don’t force me to become what they want me to become.

If you also have such lovely parents, you can comment below and share your experiences; If you want your parents to be cool too, comment below and tell me what would you like to change.




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